Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is a famous of some tourism objects in Bali. This place is located just on the east of Denpasar City the capital City of Bali. Sanur is located in the mainly of Denpasar, as it has waves are quite calm then Sanur beach can not be used for surfing like in Kuta Beach. It is not far off the coast of Sanur. It is good for diving and snorkeling as a tourist sites. Therefore of the condition, some of dive sites are use by divers from all levels of expertise as a sunrise beach, because of its location in the east of Bali.
The beach become the right location in enjoing the sunrise. This makes it more attractive tourist spot, because of the scenery at sunrise is very beautiful when seen from that side. Along the coast of this being the best place to see the sunrise, especially right now it’s already built some kind of a relaxing place or veranda seaside which can be used as seats while looking at sunrise.
Visitors can see the sunrises within swimming at the beach. Most of this coastal area has white sand that is really exotic. Equipped with shade trees, visitor can sit while enjoying grilled corn or spring rolls are being sold hawkers. Along the coast of Bali travel now equipped supporthing the tour, such as hotels, restaurants, our cafes and artshop. One of the oldest hotels in Bali is built on this beach called Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel is located right on the water front. In addition, along the shoreline also built a kind of journey of food area that is often used as a jogging path by tourists or local people. The line was stretched southward past the Beach Shindu, Coral Coast until Semawang so that tourists can exercise while enjoying a view of the beach in the morning suitable for beach recreation arena of children and harmless.